Product Platforms

5″ and 7″ Color Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A single board solution with numerous options including the capability to add an application specific 2nd expansion board. Features a WVGA 800 x 480 TFT LCD panel with resistive touch screen. The base platform includes a USB Host Port for loading applications, multi-voltage input, 8MB SDRAM, and battery backed RTC. Other features include:

  • NXP LPC1788 120MHz CPU with 512KB Internal Flash and RAM
  • Optional 8MB of NOR FLASH expandable to 32MB)
  • SDRAM expandable to 32MB
  • Optional 2nd USB OTG Port
  • Multiple serial bus protocols including I²C, SPI, CAN, RS-232, and RS-485
  • On board audible transducer
  • 70 circuit expansion connector for addition of a 2nd application specific PCB


Model 1120, “Almost” Off the Shelf Control

A unique low cost platform that can bypass the safety approval agency process by virtue of the construction. The base unit is recognized as a temperature control compliant to the UL 873 Standard. All high voltage components are located on the back mounted PCB which supplies the front mounted control PCB safe limited power. In many cases limited modifications to the front mounted PCB can be accomplished without the need for safety review thus allowing faster time to market. The base unit can be configured as a single or dual zone temperature control. Other features include:

  • Single chip uProcessor based controller with FLASH, and EEPROM memory
  • uP FLASH sizes of 8, 16, and 32KB available for cost sensitive applications
  • A single hardware configuration can be used for numerous applications with simple low cost point of use programming
  • Single or dual temperature input circuits configurable for RTDs, thermistors, or thermocouples
  • 4 digit LED display, and 5 push button switches configurable via installed firmware
  • On board audible transducer
  • 120VAC and 240VAC versions available
  • Single or dual output relay contact rating of 10A resistive


  • Data Sheet                     Pending
  • Mechanical Drawing     Pending

Model MC5000 Universal Touchscreen Timer

The MC5000 is the ultimate process timer for the commercial kitchen. The combination of touch screen technology and a 7” high brightness color LCD panel provides total flexibility of use. Process timers are identified with user selected icons, not text. Process progress is indicated by a large time remaining display and colored borders around each timer button highlighting processes in need of attention. A durable stainless steel package and simple snap in mounting bracket allow the timer to be placed wherever process control is needed. Other features include:

  • 8 programmable process buttons
  • Multiple timed operations programmable to each process button
  • User programmable processes created from a spreadsheet
  • Processes editable via spreadsheet or directly via the user interface
  • Audible alert sounds at process timeout
  • Low voltage operation for simple installation


MC1020 USB Host Buffer

The MC1020 Host Buffer enables typical microprocessor based controllers to interface to common USB drives for the purpose of menu and status uploads and downloads, and controller firmware updates. Communications from the host buffer to the equipment controller can be accomplished by a standard or custom communications protocol over RS-485, RS-232, or digital link. Other features include:

  • Operates from 5VDC power
  • On board LED indicates data transfer
  • Low cost open board construction
  • Small size, can be mounted inside existing equipment

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